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Fretting is a type of wear that is caused by relative repeated rubbing with minute amplitude between contacting surfaces. It is called fretting corrosion because of reddish brown or black wear particles that are initiated between the rubbing of contacting surfaces of balls and the raceways.
  • Completely dried out lubricant on the contacting area because of minute amplitude oscillation
  • Use anti-fretting grease (Application of proper lubrication)
  • Distribute the lubricant over the contact surfaces by longer stroke motions in certain frequency (i.e.: Once every 5,000 cycles)


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Part: Fretting corrosions on a raceway of rail
Symptom: Completely dried out lubricant on the contacting area
Cause: Fretting caused by insufficient lubrication to the ball contact surfaces, due to relative repeated rubbing with minute amplitude motion (oscillation) between contacting surfaces

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